Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yeah, "It's Not Easy Being Green," My Eye...

It's hard out there for a felt amphibian. According to the State News, Kermit the Frog has been chosen as the Grand Marshal of MSU's Homecoming parade. While the arguably most famous member of the Hyla cinerea species can hardly be called a poor choice, it might have behooved the Michigan State Undergraduate Subcommittee for Papier-Mache Floral Arrangements to, erm, take another look at their audience. Cases in point:

Blair Mathews, a telecommunication, information studies and media senior, said she did not know much about Kermit and doesn't see how people would understand why he is coming to MSU.

"I understand he would appeal to children and families," Mathews said. "I don't think he is a bad choice, but there could be a better one."

No-preference freshman Laurel Steele said she watched Kermit on "Muppet Babies" and supports his coming to MSU.

No-preference freshman, indeed. Frankly, if the earliest recall you have tops out at Muppet Babies, and not, you know, a live-action show and several movies...or, for that matter, your four years immersed in information studies and media have left you unaware of the Kermitological phenomenon altogether...well, it's enough to make the little green guy shoot blood from his eye sockets.

Which would be better appreciated at TCU, of course. And from the looks of it, so would Kermit himself.
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