Sunday, September 17, 2006


Welcome to Sportsthodoxy, a home for yet more trenchant, incisive, witty commentary on the glorious diversion that is the world of sports.

Now you may be asking yourself "Why, pray tell, does the world need another snarky sports blog, much less one without a specific raison d'etre?" After all, there are plenty of sportsblog niches left. Nobody's covering the first through fourth innings of the Carolina Mudcats' home games, for example. Or Duke football highlights (a short blog, admittedly). Or, well, you get the idea. But there are a host, nay, a plethora of sports blogs that deign to comment on everything. Whether this is a result of a truly renaissance approach to sports coverage, a lack of focus on other bloggers' parts, or simply the "ooh, shiny!" principle is irrelevant. This blog is going to exist because, while there may be other sports blogs out there that are well-written, insightful, funny, thought-provoking, and superb, they all have in common one thing:

Someone else is writing them. And that, sadly enough, is enough reason to add yet another to the fray.

What you will find here, then, is a mixed bag. Some of it will be vaguely stat-oriented. Some of it will be humorous. Some of it may be written in best faux-Hemingway style. Hopefully, most of it will be grammatically correct, spelled appropriately, and written in a way so as to make for pleasurable reading. It will cover whatever is drawing the ire or attention of those who write here at the moment, and beyond that, I can promise nothing except a best effort and a willing hand. Well, that and some really obscure subreferences, but you knew that was coming.

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