Sunday, September 24, 2006

If you attend N.C. State...

...and cannot get laid tonight, it's time to cut if off and donate it to science, because, brother, you are never going to use it. The Wolfpack's thrilling 17-15 comeback win was neatly gift-wrapped by Boston College, whose kicking game miscues led to what Will Carroll would refer to as a "cascade" effect of bad decisionmaking, poor execution, and ultimately, a loss.

And, as a Boston College alum who attended the game with another alum (a.k.a. my esteemed co-author) and our respective partners, by "a loss" I of course mean a "heart-rending, agonizing, soul-freezing defeat that leaves you to sit in the empty grass of the Veterinary School auxiliary parking area drinking warm Carolina Ale in the dark" sort of thing, one that leaves you with much the same feeling as being sucker-punched in the junk by a six year old.

The game, for the record, was awful. False starts galore, miserable execution, a near-allergic aversion to tackling on the part of Boston College, and an inexplicable unwillingness to do anything A)on the right side of the field and B)more than five yards downfield. The one time B.C. went deep, they were picked off in the corner of the end zone, and the resultant play calling had a distinct feeling of "See? We told you!" about it.

Kudos to the N.C. State fans, incidentally, who were almost universally polite, enthusiastic, and friendly, and a pleasure to watch a game with. It's a pity it couldn't have been a better-played game, or just maybe, had a better result.
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