Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Capital One Bowl - Previews

Every year, Capital One does the Capital One Bowl, a sort of mock-throwdown among the college sports mascots with the most free time. (Note the recurring presence of Western Kentucky's Big Red, who looks like Elmo after too many trips to the dessert bar at Shoney's.) While it is an outrage that we never see, say, a plush and inhabited UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slug duking it out with the White Mule of Colby (which, come to think of it, sounds a lot like a mid-80s Oysterband cover), it does afford the opportunity for those of us looking to kill a few minutes at work to vote on the "bouts" between various sets of mascotry. Now, seeing as this is being positioned as a sporting event, we here at Sportsthodoxy feel strongly that it should get the full sporting event treatment - and that includes fatuous preview commentary. While I can't say which of us is going full-out Corso and which is resigned to Herbstreitery, I will say that we'll be providing previews of the upcoming and ongoing bouts, and a review of the carnage, err, action that has just wrapped up.

Let the fur, feathers, and foam fly, and may the best hideously cartoonish anthroporphization win!
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