Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why I Love Baseball, Part Gazillion

This is why:

In Game 4 of the ALCS, one starting pitcher is a published author who climbs mountains for charity, named his bats after magical swords in The Hobbit, and was the only pitcher ever to ride a knuckleball to a Cy Young Award. The other is a 6'10" soft-tosser whose career has had more second acts than Nic Cage's, who was a basketball star at Princeton back when Princeton had a basketball team worth talking about, and who has suffered enough injuries to fill an entire season of House

This matchup is, to put it mildly, unlikely. Playoff games belong to fireballing aces and late-season hired gun pickups (Hello, David Price and Johnny Cueto). To see these guys, both on the back nine of their careers, both wildly atypical from the expected, line up is to see baseball at its insane, unpredictable best.

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