Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mets - Royals Storylines

Behold the Patron Saint Of This World Series!
With a Royals - Mets World Series staring us in the face, the time has come to ponder which ridiculous narratives the media is going to try to pin on this thing. Sure, the Cubs would have made it easy for those guys - billy goats, curses, etc. - but Royals-Mets? Where do you go from there? Well, it may be one of the following:

  1. The Amos Otis connection - Traded by the Mets to KC for the legendary Joe Foy, Otis became the Royals' first "good" player, and certainly the first one with name recognition outside the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Will the ghost of that 46-year-old trade haunt the Mets?
  2. Which city has better BBQ, Kansas City or - oh, forget it, it's just an excuse for reporters to go eat Kansas City BBQ. Which, if you follow certain blogs and Twitter feeds, it hardly seems like they need encouragement to go do.
  3. Who Will Ed Hearn Pick? - The one name everyone remembers from the David Cone trade (besides, well, David Cone), Hearn is another legendary Royal/Met. Of course, this is because he's the only name everyone remembers from that trade. 
  4. David Cone - Does he even remember pitching for the Royals? Seriously. I'm not joking here.
  5. Geography - 90% of New Yorkers refuse to believe that Kansas City is actually in Missouri. Even Google Maps can't convince them.
  6. Actual baseball-related content: can the Mets' stable of flame-throwing pitchers miss enough bats to sputter the Royals contact-based offense? Will postseason Hercules David Murphy keep whacking homers off putative aces? Which Johnny Cueto will show up?

On second thought, they'll probably go with the Ed Hearn thing. 

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