Wednesday, October 28, 2015

105 stadiums and counting

For those following along at home, I am currently on a mission to see a game at all 129 FBS stadiums.  Some might say I am obsessed - to them I say obsession is what lazy people call commitment.

I started out doing this for fun (or our of boredom, you decide).  But since I have started writing stadium reviews on a website called, so you can check out my reviews there:

So for my 105th stadium, I journeyed to Bowling Green, OH, and I actually stopped off in Huntington, WV for a repeat visit to Marshall.  I rarely do repeat visits, but my editor asked me to, plus Joan C. Edwards is a nice venue.  Plus it was convenient time-wise to stop in Huntington for the night on my way to northern Ohio.

But back to Bowling Green - sadly there is not a lot of attendance there, which is too bad b/c the Falcons are actually having a good year; they are currently sitting at 6-2 and riding a string of 3 blowout victories.  The two things I would point out is that the stadium has gotten smaller (not bigger) over time, which underscores the fact they can't get more people in there.  Also whenever they get a first town they play the sound of a falcon screeching, which is pretty unique.

Oh, and I lied, I will point out three things - this stadium probably has some of the most comfortable seats I have even been in - there is a section of pink seats over on the west side, and the seats are actually bolted onto the metal bleachers.  But they are spaced very far apart, so you have lots of elbow room, which is unheard of anymore (although this may help explain how capacity went down), since more people would have fit on the bleachers than in these nicely spaced seats.  And why are they pink, by the way?  Should be orange, or maybe brown.  Even if you claim they faded, that means they started out red.

So that is visit 105.  Very long drive from NC, but totally worth it to knock out one more.  Tune in next time to see # 106.  And check out the review below to read more about the Falcons' nest.

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