Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Line Between Terp and Derp

In college sports, "It's about the kids" is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Case in point: Maryland football coach Randy Edsall, who, when asked about his job security after Saturday's loss, started blathering on ungrammatically about how his first priority was the kids, gosh durn it. A clear attempt, as you will, to turn the question back around on the reporter, and make it seem that Edsall was above this petty "job" stuff. He is a molder of men, you see, someone who cares, and anyone who brings up the entirely germane fact that Maryland football is a tire fire Does Not Care About The Children.

Except, of course, this is Randy Edsall we're talking about. He is, in case your memory doesn't stretch back that far, the same guy who bailed on his UConn team right after the biggest game of their life. Who clearly was more focused on landing the Maryland job than the kids he was hired to coach. Who didn't bother to say goodbye to his UConn term in person, and who flew straight to Maryland after the game instead of home with his players.

You know, the kids he claims to care so much about.

Later, Edsall said he had "regrets". That's lovely. Also, about as cheap a sentiment as you can find. 

So, while normally we don't root for people to get sacked around here, here's hoping that Edsall gets the boot as soon as humanly possible. That the next job he goes for asks the hard questions about "the kids", and holds him to his answers. And while we recognize that college football is a massive sham on nigh-infinite levels, there's something particularly slimy about hiding behind the kids a guy like Edsall is so ready to abandon. 

Here's wishing the next coach of the Terrapins tons of success.
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