Monday, August 04, 2014

The Five Stages of Grief, David Price Trade Edition

Denial - "There's no way the Rays are trading David Price. They're totally in this thing. Trading him would send the wrong message to the fan base. Really, they should be adding pieces to try to make a run. They're only four and a half games out, and all the TV guys on Baseball Tonight say he's not going anywhere!"

Anger - "They traded Price! How could they trade Price? They were still in contention! And they sent him to Detroit? What the hell does Detroit 

Bargaining - "Well, if they had to trade him, I'm sure they got a ton of good players for him. They got Will Myers for James Shields, and Price is, like, way better than Shields. So I'm thinking Taijuan Walker and Castellanos and, like, six other prospects. I mean, it sucks that they had to trade him, but I'm sure they got a ton of good stuff back, right? Right?"

Depression - "That's all we could get? A third starter, a AAA second baseman who hit, like, .157 in the big leagues and a kid who isn't old enough to shave? The Tigers' farm system is so bad their top 10 list only had six guys on it, and we got the guy Baseball America said was #30? Do they even have 30 minor leaguers? Oh God, it's Curt-Schilling-to-Arizona all over again."

Acceptance - "Well, the Rays' GM said that if they'd waited until the offseason the return would have been much smaller. And the market's going to be flooded with free agent starting pitching this year, so he's probably right. And Smyly's not bad, and he's under team control for a few years, and Nick Franklin's a top prospect who's under team control for, like, five years, and that A-ball prospect they got is totally tearing it up, I hear. At least I think he is; I can't remember his name. But he's supposed to be really good. So it's not so bad, and it could have been a lot worse. Right? Right?"

*echoing silence*
*sound of crickets*
*sound of someone else getting called up from Durham*
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