Saturday, August 30, 2014

Go Charlie Go

Someone give Charlie Montoyo a major league job already.

The guy's been managing the Durham Bulls for 8 years. In 7 of those years - including this one - he's won the Bulls' division. He's done this despite a constant shuttle back and forth between Durham and Tampa, as the Rays scrapped and juggled for every matchup advantage they could find. He's done this despite buying whole-heartedly into The Rays Way, which means turning every player into a multi-positional socket wrench capable fitting in damn near anywhere on the diamond. He's done it with David Price and Will Myers and BJ Upton; he's done it with Steve Geltz and Reid Brignac and Pete LaForest. 

Stephen Vogt was one of his. So was John Jaso. 

This year, he won despite having the best parts of his roster constantly bouncing back and forth between AAA and the bigs. He won despite the fact that former top prospect Hak-Ju Lee, recovering from a horrific injury that cost him the 2013 season, stayed around the Mendoza line all year. He won despite the fact that last year's IL All-Star Vince Belnome turned back into being Just A Guy. He did it with the legendary Tampa talent pipeline drying up and with having to rely on literally extra guy Robby Price. He won with smoke and mirrors and Ray Olmedo in the outfield, where he had no business being. But he won.

  • He won a  Southern League championship at Montgomery in 2006.
  • He's won 7 division championships with the Bulls.
  • He's won 2 Governor's Cups for taking the International League championship.
  • He's won 1 AAA championship.

What more do you want from a guy?

Maybe he just likes Durham. It's a likable enough place, after all. Maybe he's just loyal to the Rays - he's been with the organization since before they started playing. Who knows. But when Kirk Gibson gets votes of confidence and Clint Hurdle gets multiple shots, you kind of have to wonder why no one has made Charlie Montoyo an offer he couldn't refuse.

In the meantime, we'll enjoy his teams here in the Bull City. But if he left us for something bigger and better, that would be OK, too. 
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