Thursday, August 21, 2014

Match the Headline

And now for something a little different: see if you can match the content with the hysterical headline that got put over it. Answers are below:

  1. Rookie quarterback with terrible footwork and awful preseason stats is not handed starting job by desperate team's marketing department
  2. The grounds crew had one job. One. And they screwed it up.
  3. Several large men whose job requires them to hit and be hit every week for half the year were found with something that might help them relax.
  4. Guy best known for doing thing with something that might help the guys in 3 relax and who hasn't done anything notable for years expresses pointless opinion on preseason NFL game.
  5. Many people feel that a school that won last year is likely to win more this year.
  6. We have paid a bloody fortune for the broadcast rights to this stuff and by God we're going to make you care about it whether you want to or not.

A - Here's Your EPL Season Preview!
B - Browns Name Hoyer Starter For Week One
C - Giants Win Appeal Of Tarp Game
D - FSU Number 1 In Coaches Poll
E - Steelers' Bell, Blount Charged With Marijuana Possession
F - Snoop Dogg Goes Off On Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley

Answers: Oh, who cares?
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