Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Morning Briefing - Daniel Snyder Is In Your House

Every so often, the guys at Deadspin interrupt the cavalcade of Youtube videos of people falling over and backhanded snark at sportswriters who work for other media outlets, and unleash some really good investigative journalism. 

Case in point: this efficient and mildly terrifying dissection of how Washington NFL team owner Daniel "It's Not Racist If It's Making Me Money" Snyder co-opted the local media. McKenna is best known for being the guy Snyder sued a few years back for publishing a list of unflattering facts in a local independent paper, and he traces the way in which respected local sports media got bullied or bought off. 

Go on. Read it. It's good stuff. And it's just one more bit of evidence to throw on the pile that pro sports fandom is not something you should do unquestioningly. 
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