Monday, December 23, 2013

Boras Fails! Except Math!

One of the narratives going around today is how Scott Boras, in getting his client Shin-Soo Choo picked up by Texas, "failed". 

Look, as the producers of the American version of Godzilla were told after their "flop" of a movie grossed $379M worldwide, "Fail like this every time". He got an outfielder on the wrong side of 30 a 7 year contract worth $18M a year. This, in a year when free agents recently signed to long-term deals are the second hottest item (after David Price) on the trade market, because, hey, someone figured out what the words "decline phase" means. 

Let's do that again. Scott Boras figured out a way to get Choo paid $18M for his age-38 season, when he will most likely have less power than post-purge Trotsky and more platoon issues than Sgt. Elias. If that's failing, then by all means, fail like that every time. 

Yes, there's a lot of hay being made over the fact that there was supposedly a deal in place with the Yankees for $140M, and that once that fell through - allegedly over Boras' piddling demands for an extra $3M over the life of the contract - Boras was "forced" to settle for a mere $130M in Texas. Which, considering the relative tax situations of Texas and New York, is equivalent to a $148M deal to play in the Bronx.

But hey, math is hard and alarmist headlines like "Boras fails!" get clickthroughs. But in the meantime, if Boras keeps failing like that, his clients are going to be very happy indeed. 

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