Thursday, December 05, 2013

Panic in the Fens

Word from back home is that my ten year old nephew, who is a Red Sox fan like I am a fan of oxygen, went ballistic this morning over the Yankees' signing of Jacoby Ellsbury for 7 years and roughly the gross national product of Lithuania.

We have seen this before, of course, when the Yankees signed Johnny Damon away from the Sox and made him both shave his beard and scrub behind his ears. Odds are, this deal will work out the same way: For the first few years, Ellsbury will play well and drive Red Sox fans nuts. Then, he'll get a little older, slow down, have his natural tendency toward injury catch up with him, and become either a powerless DH or an expensive albatross on the DL. 

But I would remind everyone freaking out about this that while it may close the gap between the Yankees and Red Sox a bit next season, one of those teams is the reigning world champions. And it ain't the ones from New York.

(The Saltalamacchia signing, however? That, you can freak out over. A.J. Pierzynski? Bleah.)

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