Friday, December 06, 2013

Mandatory Post On the BCS Made Whilst Possibly Inebriated

To those who are fervently agitating for a one-loss SEC team to be chosen for the BCS Championship game over an unbeaten Ohio State team, I say to you this:

You're jerks.

Your logic, near as I can tell, is this: Ohio State's schedule had bad teams on it, so they shouldn't play in the championship game ahead of teams that played a tougher schedule but - and this is the key bit - lost a game. On the surface, this seems sort of kind of vaguely reasonable - why punish teams for playing a tougher schedule? Shouldn't they be rewarded for that sort of thing? Except, of course, you dig a little deeper and you realize that logic really boils down to "only a couple of teams should be allowed to play for the national championship", and screw everyone else no matter how good they are because they had the misfortune of not having as many good teams on a schedule that may have been set ten years in advance.

(Also hilarious are the attempts to demonize OSU's schedule while tap-dancing around Florida State's. Claiming the ACC was a mighty conference because it had Miami, whose resume includes precisely 1 win over a team with a winning record - 7-5 Georgia Tech - and a Virginia Tech squad who was 97th in the country in scoring. Matt Hayes of The Sporting News clearly skimped on his rhetoric and logic homework in J-school.)

The way you get to the championship game is simple. Win all the games they put in front of you. Do that, and you're in. Don't do that, and you're out, even if you're from the mighty SEC and you regard one or both spots in the title game as your birthright, or if next year's 4-team playoff - which is nothing but the BCS in drag and thick pancake makeup - would have included you - or if your only loss was to a team that's pretty decent, or if you really, really want to be in the championship game.

So harden the bleep up, SEC loyalists. You've benefited from the system blocking "superior" teams before, now get a dictionary and look up the word "karma". And wait until next year, when the Matt Hayes of the world can pack the playoff with all the Mizzous and South Carolinas you want.

This year, assuming they and Florida State handle their business, the Buckeyes are going to the title game.
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