Friday, February 08, 2013

A Curt Assessment

Not Actually Curt Schilling
So Curt Schilling is now claiming that an unnamed Red Sox staffer suggested he start taking PEDs.
And that he refused to name the staffer.
And that certain people were aware of this.
And that it was dealt with in 2008.
And the person involved was fired by the Red Sox.
And that he wasn't bringing it up now to get attention.
And that the person responsible for bringing him the suggestion may in fact have been Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee.
And that the Red Sox staffer may have instead suggested that Schilling's Tauren shaman take virtual PEDs, also known as "buffing", rather than suggesting that Schilling take them.
And that the PEDs in question were actually magical beans which, when Schilling threw them out the window, grew into a giant beanstalk.

Some of these things are false. At this point, I'm not sure Curt Schilling knows which ones.
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