Friday, February 01, 2013

A Quick Thank-You

If we knew you were clicking, we would have baked a cake
Google has all these wacky metrics built into the Blogger platform that let you see crazy things like "how many people have visited your blog" and "how many people have ever visited your blog" and "what were they searching for that got them there" (Hint: with us it's largely about the phrase "world's dumbest bird", followed by "LOLPats" and "Ryan Braun Jew Conspiracy"). And what those metrics have told us is that January 2013 has been our best month in terms of readers, by far, in the history of the blog.
So, before we return to our usual diet of snark and banter, we wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone who's started reading us. Hopefully, we will continue to amuse.
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