Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sportsthodoxy's Official Super Bowl Prediction

The 49ers will win tonight because they have a more explosive offense.
But the Ravens will win tonight because they're on an emotional high, ready to have Ray Lewis go out a winner.
But the 49ers will win tonight because the Ravens haven't seen a quarterback like Colin Kaepernick.
But the Ravens will win tonight because Kaepernick is just a rookie and Joe Flacco has taken the step to elite status
But the 49ers will win because of their more balanced attack.
But the Ravens will win because once you convert a 4th and 29 on your way to the Super Bowl, you have unstoppable momentum.
But the 49ers....

All of these unassailable facts and more have been offered up as irrefutable evidence of who's going to win the Super Bowl tonight. In the end, we only know a few things for sure:

Roughly half the pundits currently making predictions will be wrong.
The guys who were wrong will never mention their incorrect predictions and the strongly held beliefs and expert analyses that led to them ever again.
The guys who were right will crow about it until next year, when they have a 50-50 chance of being wrong all over again.
Nobody actually knows nuthin'
And a guy named J. Harbaugh is going to be the winning coach.
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