Saturday, February 22, 2014

On Distractions

We're going to take the low hanging fruit  here, but someone's got to do it.

In the short span of time since University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam announced that he was gay, we've had the following NFL-related reports of, shall we say, socially unacceptable behavior.

  • Ravens running back Ray Rice was caught on camera dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator after a physical confrontation in a New Jersey casino. 
  • Highly respected longtime NFL vet and NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper was arrested and implicated in a string of rapes stretching across the country.
  • The Wells report detailed incidents of racism, homophobia, threatened sexual assault and more inside the foetid swamp that was the Miami Dolphins' locker room last season, stretching far beyond the one-on-one bullying of Jonathan Martin that incited the investigation.
  • Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch struck a deal to resolve his ongoing DUI case.
  • Washington TE Fred Davis, a two-time loser under the league's drug policy, got pulled for a DUI.
  • Falcons WR Roddy White skipped a court appearance and was subsequently arrested.

And this is just the last couple of weeks.
One of the reasons "unnamed NFL insiders" and overly concerned commentators cite as a potential rationale for not drafting Sam is that he would be a "distraction".
Sounds to me like a few distractions away from crap like this might not be such a bad thing.
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