Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baseball and True Detective: A Theory

As of this writing, the internet is cheerfully chewing on its own innards trying to anticipate the twists and turns of the last two episodes of True Detective. We here at Sportsthodoxy are big fans of the show, and as at least one of us is professionally dipped into conspiracy theory on a regular basis (and another is actually in politics), we thought it appropriate to unveil our own take on things.

Fact 1: In episode 6, the man detective Cohle first visits on his off-the-books investigation of "missing persons" cases is named Guidry. This is, of course, a reference to former Yankees great Ron Guidry, who was nicknamed "Louisiana Lightning".

Fact 2: In that same episode, Cohle renews his acquaintance with the revivalist tent preacher from the second episode, Reverend Theriot. Ryan "The Riot" Theriot was a slap-hitting middle infielder for several teams, including the Cubs and Giants. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and played his college ball at LSU.

Fact 3: The paralyzed man the two detectives interviewed in the case of the other missing girl during the first episode is named Fontenot. Mike Fontenot was Ryan Theriot's college teammate at LSU, and was so proficient that Theriot actually shifted positions because of him. 

Fact 4: The paralyzed Fontenot is a former baseball player for LSU. 

Fact 5: We are told this by Marty, who also played college baseball. 

Fact 6: Marty's last name is Hart. He has a drinking problem. 1B/OF Corey Hart just left the Brewers for a fresh start in Seattle.

Fact 7: The most prominent member of the Seattle Mariners is pitcher Felix Hernandez, also known as "King Felix".

Fact 8: One of King Felix's best pitches is a sharp breaking ball, also known in baseball parlance as a "yellow hammer". 

I think we know who the Yellow King is now, don't we? Of course we do.
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