Friday, February 14, 2014

On Basketball as a Winter Olympics Sport

To all the columnists suggesting that basketball be moved to the Winter Olympics because it's a "winter sport", we humbly respond with:

You're wrong. 

Basketball is a summer sport. It is played outdoors, wherever there's a hoop, whenever it's warm enough to play. Rucker Park is not an enclosed arena. It's a park. Think about this.
Professional and college basketball is a winter sport. This is a result of various logistical issues, not the least of which is the fact that colleges are not in session during the summer and thus it would be really awkward trying to keep the kids on campus when there were no classes. Throw in the networks' need for winter sports programming, and the rest is left as an exercise for the student.
And no, the NBA and the NCAA would not agree to mid-season stoppages for the Olympics. Summer works great for these guys because they're not playing then. Telling  the ACC to go on hiatus for two weeks because half of Clemson's roster is off playing for Lithuania is a non-starter. 
So, to sum up:
Sorry you don't like ice dancing, you're not getting basketball as a replacement instead.

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