Monday, July 18, 2016

The Bill Belicheat of Baseball

You may not know who Chris Correa is, but you can bet he's a Deflatriots fan...

Formerly scouting director of the St. Louis Cardinals, Correa was sentenced earlier today to 46 months in jail, and was also ordered to pay $279K in restitution for computer hacking against the Houston Astros.  But he said he was sorry!

According to prosecutors, in 2013 through 2014 Correa illegally accessed the Astros' computers numerous times, including downloading scouting lists and viewing notes of trade discussions, potential bonuses, and performance and injury reports, as well as reviewing an incomplete draft board from 2014.  The data breach was first reported in June 2014, and Correa was supposedly able to gain access because a former employee of the Cardinals basically kept using the same password he used as a Cardinal when he signed on with the Astros.  Um, yeah - that is why IT is so anal about having us change them frequently.  OMG, we got hacked!  Gee, you think?  Dumbass.

Correa pled guilty to 5 counts of unauthorized access, and claimed he was "overwhelmed with remorse and regret".  Yeah, right - maybe because he got caught.  Perhaps he was lucky though to only have to pay $279K of retribution; federal prosecutors estimated that the hacking cost the Astros $1.7 million, never mind the possible pennant and World Series.

I am sure it is just a matter of time before Tom Shady, Krafty Bob, and crew get nailed for the same damn thing.  We know they cheated their way to several Superbowls by spying, under-inflating, and screwing with radio signals, and that is just the stuff we know.  Surely more will be revealed eventually - I'm not sure they can help themselves.  I almost (repeat almost, but not quite) feel bad for Shady; he very well could be the best quarterback ever to play the game, but since he cheats every Sunday we'll never know for sure, will we?

Too bad Correa didn't pay better attention at Deception School.  Then again, he doesn't have an owner who can snow job the commish.  



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