Friday, July 01, 2016

Brother, can you spare $29K? Weird sports memorabilia from eBay

I wish I was rich, because who wouldn't want to buy a bobblehead from the 1800s of an unknown jockey?  That's right, dear readers, this treasure can be yours for the low, low sum of only 29 thousand dollars.  Only $29 thousand, you say?  Wow, where do I sign?  I want that!

There is lots of sports memorabilia on eBay, and I have procured plenty of such items in the past, including ticket stubs, team hats, and even buttons from Joe Paterno's last game (once again the winningest college football coach of all time).  I have also bought (and sold) numerous bobbleheads of hockey players.

Now for some reason bobbleheads (pronounced bawble-hedds) are a very popular sports collectible - no one quite knows why, but these wacky figurines are highly sought after, and they don't even work unless you whack them to start the motion.  I mean, hasn't anyone ever figured out how to put batteries in these things?  Bobbleheads would be so much cooler if they could self-locomote.  And they aren't even that cute, what with their over-sized heads and puny arms.  Nevertheless, bobbleheads are SO popular that the seller of the aforementioned item actually believes he might  be able to get 29 G's for his collectible - the highest priced bobblehead on eBay as of this writing, I might add.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of horse racing - just not so much that I feel the need to own a bobblehead of an unknown jockey from the 1800s.  And when I say unknown, I mean unknown - the seller doesn't even mention who the item is a caricature of.  Bad form if you ask me; I mean, if you expect me to cough up half a year's salary from my real job, or a lifetime's earnings writing sports blogs, I would at least like to know whose likeness I am buying - is that too much to ask?  Kobe Bryant bobbleheads aren't even selling for half of what this seller is asking, and Kobe is way more popular.

But don't let me dissuade you - view the item using the link below and make your purchase.  Just be sure to send me a selfie of it.  And a sweet finder's fee.

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