Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dignity For Sale

Before we go any further with this, let us be clear: This is probably the dumbest baseball story of the year. White Sox pitcher Chris Sale, who by any metric is having a stellar season and is his team's best player, went so ballistic over the discomfort offered by the White Sox's utterly ridiculous Veeck-era throwback uniforms that he apparently cut his up with scissors rather than wear it, then got into a fight in the clubhouse.
The Sox, not willing to put up with This Sort Of Thing, promptly sent him home and suspended him for five games, which is to say one start, which is to say "Yup, they're giving up" because really the only thing keeping the White Sox's season afloat right now is your once-every-five-days Chris Sale start. 

All of which leads me to the following thoughts:

  • I'm fairly certain "I cut up my ugly shirt so I don't have to wear it" has been a plot twist in at least six stoner comedies, and if it hasn't, it should be.
  • Why in God's name did no NFL players make the same principled stand the first time they saw the "color rush" uniforms, which made them look like the love child of the Teletubbies and The Running Man?
  • Is this the sort of thing that the leadership of Adam LaRoche's 14 year old kid could have prevented?
  • Why is Chris Sale not cutting up ever Diamondbacks uniform ever? Seriously, I've never seen a baseball team look more like a high school golf team than the last time I tuned into an Arizona game.
  • How exactly did he restrain himself during the All Star Game festivities, when everyone was dressed up like UPS delivery personnel?
  • And last but not least, how sad is it that this is the only thing people are paying attention to the White Sox over?

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