Saturday, July 30, 2016

Great Moments In Sports Talk Radio, Conspicuous Consumption Division

Scanning the dial the other night - yes, I still do that - I came across a standard "best of/worst of" segment. Everybody does these. They're the radio equivalent of a bunt against the shift, easily available if not terribly exciting.

This particular one, the host - I believe he went by "DA", which means either he's a district attorney moonlighting as a sports radio host or this whole "Russia Is Behind The Media" thing has more legs than I thought - for his "best of", praised Cowboys fans because Dallas players had apparently placed in 4 of the top 5 spots for "jerseys sold" during the offseason. He applauded Dallas fans for supporting their team by buying jerseys, even if the QB is aging and fragile, the top draft pick is currently being investigated over domestic violence charges, and the entire thing could go pear-shaped at a moment's notice. Because, hey, Dallas.

Then he turned around and did his "Worst of", which consisted of two wide receivers - one, really; the other seemed disinterested in the whole process - making a bet of an expensive sports car as to who'd rack up more yards during the coming season. This, he announced, was a terrible, immoral thing to do, what with so many Americans struggling just to make ends meet, and both guys were knuckleheads for making a bet over something as ridiculous as their on-field productivity.

So, just to get that straight: One example of conspicuous consumer behavior which results in showing off $100+ replica jerseys for a team that plays in a billion dollar stadium financed in large part by the public, at a time when so many Americans are struggling, is perfectly fine and indeed admirable because, presumably because it's not being done by wide receivers. The bet based on actual workplace productivity between two guys who can definitely afford it? Out of bounds.

I really do wish they still taught critical thinking in schools. I really do.
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