Friday, November 20, 2015

On Terrible Football

If there has been one recurring theme this NFL season, it is this: terrible football.

Peyton Manning throws four interceptions in a game before he's finally benched. The Cowboys have spent most of the season playing like they're wearing clown shoes. The mighty Seahawks have dropkicked multiple games, and they should have lost against Detroit except that the refs are having an awful year, too. Speaking of Detroit, they're so bad they just fired everyone but the coach, and then went in and beat a suddenly terrible Packers team.The Eagles team that shows up 3 out of every 4 quarters is so bad at the fundamentals of football - blocking, tackling, catching, remembering which direction to run in, you name it - North Texas watches game film of them and snickers in disbelief. And let's just walk away from the officials' inability to decide what a catch actually is or isn't. They apparently have no idea either.

Which has led me to a terrible realization: If you want to see competent, well-coached, fundamentally sound football this fall, you should watch Clemson.
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