Wednesday, November 04, 2015

107 stadiums and counting

On a mission to see all 129 (soon to be 130) FBS teams play at home.  For #107 I traveled to Phoenix (technically Tempe) to see the Sun Devils lose abysmally to Oregon.  Didn't these guys watch the Superbowl last year?  When you have 1st and goal from the 3, run the damn ball!  Don't throw an interception, especially not on 2nd down when the previous pass was almost intercepted.  What an anti-climactic way to end the game.  The euphoria of overtime, only to lose on a bonehead play.

And this is why I get mad at most of the coaches for being sissies.  At the end of the 2nd half, they had 10 seconds left, and just knelt down.  Why not try a long bomb and maybe kick a field goal for the win?  What is it about coaches that makes them think they have a better chance in OT?  Never will understand it.  My buddy says it's all about momentum, but I am not so sure.

Oh well, at least the cacti were cool - I really enjoyed driving around southern Arizona because you can see all those cacti for miles dotting the mountainside.  And the stadium itself was pretty cool too - I didn't write an official review for this one (see my other stadium reviews here: but I did make some comments.

My favorite feature of the stadium was the "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here" quote on the wall over one of the end zones.  Apropos for the Devils, but also a cool way to try and strike fear into the other team.  Also the fans were really friendly, met a few of them at a tailgate before the game, and shared some food, drink, and fun company for an hour or so.

Tune in next time for #108 and beyond...
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