Wednesday, November 25, 2015

112 stadiums and counting

So I was sick for most of last week, but since I can't help myself, on Friday afternoon I left my house in North Carolina at 6 pm, and drove all the way to the Alabama state line, where I stopped for the night.  The next morning I continued on to Hattiesburg, MS to see Old Dominion take on Southern Miss.  The game was back and forth well into the 3rd quarter, until So Miss recovered a fumble (which led to a TD) and then on the next series batted a pass at the line (around Old Dominion's own 3 yard line no less) which become a pick 6 - So Miss ended up winning 56-31, much to the delight of the home fans.

I won't delve into too much detail on the stadium itself, since you can read it in my review (see below) but I will say they have done a nice job with the stadium.  Most of it is over 40 years old, but it looks a lot newer than that due to the recent face lift.

So for me this was stadium #112 out of 129, and the last stadium I needed in the great state of Mississippi (there are only 3).  That leaves only 7 more on this side of the river, 3 of which I hope to see before the end of the regular season - there aren't many regular season games on December 5th, except in the Big 12 where they don't have a conference championship game, so will be able to fit it a game then, as well as 2 this weekend.

Wish me look, readers.  Here's to #113!

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