Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Random Notes

  • About that policy of not intentionally walking Frank Thomas...
  • At this point, the Twins' postseason hopes potentially rest on a man named Boof. Losing any game started by Johan Santana changes the equation drastically for Minnesota, and not in a good way.
  • So, if Corell Buckhalter hangs onto the football, Monday night's game is over about five minutes into the second quarter. It was "close at the half" in the same way that the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he takes up professional wrestling is "close" - Bugs climbs all over The Crusher, who eventually yawns, wakes up, and then demolishes the rabbit-eared Masked Terror. For purposes of metaphor, we'll ignore the rest of that cartoon.
  • The sequence seems to go like this: Packers player makes a goof. Packers D gives up points. Brett Favre decides that he's going to make up the deficit single-handedly by throwing the first 18-point touchdown in the history of the league, under the assumption that he'll get a triple word score multiplier for grittiness, clutchness, and threading the theoretical needle. Ball gets picked. Packers D gives up another score. John Madden says nice things about Favre.
  • I hear Terry Glenn is coming to Philadelphia this week. Surely the Eagles will game plan for Dallas' most dangerous receiver.
  • So El Duque may be out with a muscle pull, leaving the Pedro-less Mets even more short-handed in the rotation. Clearly, it's all part of a diabolical plot to ensure that New York finally, finally gives Aaron Heilman a start, if only because there's nobody else left.
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