Friday, October 06, 2006

Let the Scapegoating Commence

It's clear that hockey fandom has settled in for good in the RTP area. Two games into their Stanley Cup defense, the Carolina Hurricanes faithful have already found someone to blame for the team's slow start - prodigal defenseman David Tanabe. While it's undeniable that "Knobs" hasn't fully regained the speed he had before having his knee ligaments pop like Slash's guitar strings, he's just the fifth defenseman, and one can probably assume that someone else, somewhere, has screwed up, too.

On the other hand, there may be a more sinister reason for the booing and talk radio yammer. According to Cryptomundo:

"Perhaps there is no more famous Sasquatch clone in North Carolina than "Knobby." In 1979, people around Carpenter’s Knob, near Toluca, Cleveland County, North Carolina, reported seeing the creature. Where it was seen is reflective of the same types of locations as the Mitchell River Monster. Knobby "roams the back roads and branch banks" of the area, we were told."

Knobs...Knobby...could there be a connection? Will well-meaning amateur cryptozoologists take plaster casts of Tanabe's skates if he continues to perform poorly? Is there a Travel Channel documentary in his future? And if he really is a semi-human, fear-inspiring creature of the forest, is it too much to ask that he forecheck once in a while?
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