Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dear Baseball

Dear Baseball:

I know this is a crazy idea, but hear me out. Maybe, just maybe, the next time you assign broadcasters to your playoff games - you know, the ones the whole country watches, not just the local market - you might want to think about picking people who actually like baseball the way it's played now and are excited to talk about it.
Alternately, you could stick with picking fuddy-duddies like Jim Kaat and Bob Costas, who prefer to expound at great length about how much better the game used to be back before they invented math and exercise and things like that. Because you wouldn't actually want people to get pumped about your product, right? And you certainly wouldn't want your play-by-play guy actually paying attention to what's going on in the field of play.
Alternately, I'm just nuts here. I'm sure you know best. At least you will, once you finish tying an onion to your belt. 
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