Thursday, October 06, 2016

Your Weekly ACC Roundup - Week 5

Important takeaways from Week 5 of the ACC football season, as we bask in the knowledge that the conference is A)sticking to an 8 game schedule and B)pulling its championship game out of North Carolina because of the misbegotten abomination that is HB2:

  • Notre Dame still isn't that good. This is important in the direct sense - steamrollering Syracuse gets you precisely zero cred these days; giving up 33 points to an Orange offense that scored just as many against Colgate gets you deductions you can't write off on your taxes - and indirectly, as we learn that Duke's surprise victory over the Fighting Irish was maybe not quite the resume-builder they thought it would be. Then again, taking it on the chin from Virginia ought to be a wake-up call in its own right.
  • Boston College is unstoppable...when playing mid-tier FCS teams and MAC also-rans. Khalil Mack, come back - Buffalo needs you, badly. 
  • Wake Forest ran out of Demon Deacon Football Magic at exactly the wrong time. For all that their 4-0 start was kind of fluky - ok, really fluky - and built on some turnover-driven weirdness (Indiana outgained them by roughly 260 yards), it was nice seeing a little excitement around the program. Unfortunately, they ran into an NC State team that can do precisely one thing well: grind down an inferior opponent. This was a little bit of a must-win for Dave Doeren, as a loss would have had him at 2-2 with the meat grinder portion of the schedule coming up. But now the Pack can stumble their way past BC and Syracuse and maybe steal one other game to end up bowl eligible...again.
  • Louisville is still very good, and their matchup with Clemson was a great game. But realistically, their hype train is now derailed. The only "statement" win they can make the rest of the year is against Houston, and poll voters aren't necessarily going to give full credit for a win over an AAC team, no matter what Oklahoma says. The road to the ACC championship and a spot in the playoff runs through the "Florida State beats the heck out of Clemson" nexus, and that's looking less likely every day. 
  • UNC can still score. UNC still can't stop anyone. Not actually sure how this qualifies as news, except that Florida State looked like it was still afraid of Louisville jumping out of the shadows and shouting "Boo!" at any given moment. Kudos to the Heels, who now have a signature win for the season, but the real result here is to grease the skids for Clemson. 
  • Oh, right, Pittsburgh played. Forgot about that. Final score was *yawn* *zzzz*
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