Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Whose Lede Is It Anyway?

The Philadelphia 76ers won a game Tuesday night.

It was the first game they'd won this year.

It was their first win after starting the season 0-18.

Counting last year, they had lost a mind-boggling 28 games in a row.

They had not won since March.

They were on track for or had acquired all sorts of dubious records like "worst start to a season, ever" and "most losses in a row by a sports franchise, ever" and so forth and suchlike.

This was their first win a season marked by the insistence that if you make Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor play the same position simultaneously, you will magically smash them together and get a center who's 14 feet tall.

Games had been won by, in no particular order, Jerome Williams, Mat Latos, Sam Bradford, and probably the Washington Generals since the last time the Sizers did. In short, it was kind of a big deal

The ESPN coverage of this game, between the 0-18 76ers and the 2-14 Lakers, was about Kobe Bryant.

God bless ESPN. Because somebody has to.

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