Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 win teams prove NCAA is wrong about bowls - again!

I posted before about the NCAA crying about how there were too many bowls, it wasn't fair that 5 win teams got to go, blah blah blah.  Well guess what?  Did anyone notice that all three of those 5 win teams WON their games?  That's right, so who's laughing now?  One has to ask how deserving were the 6, 7, and 8-win teams they played (and beat).

This just goes to show (again) that bowl games don't matter, and don't really prove anything.  On any given day either team could win, so NCAA, stop crying and allow more teams to go to bowls, who cares?  Who doesn't love more meaningless non-conference games?  It is certainly better than watching Tom Shady and his merry band of cheaters.

I have seen a couple bowl games this season, in fact I am sitting in the airport right now waiting to get to another.  It is great for the teams, especially the ones who under performed during the regular season - it gives them one last chance to go out on a high, especially the seniors.  Plus the players get a fun trip out of the deal (expect of course for the New Mexico Lobos).  I feel doubly bad for them - not only did they lose, but they didn't even get to go anywhere either.  At least Middle Tennessee State players can say they have been to the Bahamas.
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