Sunday, December 20, 2015

Various Rushes That Are Better Than NFL Color Rush

Yes, even during the mustache-and-sweater phase

In Order:
  1. Canadian prog-rock gods Rush
  2. Rush, the movie starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and a soundtrack by Eric Clapton. We'll just ignore the bits with Jason Patric.
  3. Classic video game Rush'N'Attack
  4. Actor Geoffrey Rush, who apparently roomed with Mel Gibson in his younger days and yet did not catch any of the crazy.
  5. "Don't Rush Me", by Taylor Dayne
  6. Rush, the movie about race car drivers directed by Richie Cunningham and starring Thor
  7. Mt. Rushmore
  8. Hilariously bad reality show Gold Rush: Alaska
  9. Rush Street in Chicago
  10. Classic Paula Abdul track "Rush, Rush"
  11. Tweener band Big Time Rush
  12. Richard Marx album "Rush Street"
  13. Rush Delivery
  14. Incredibly twee movie August Rush.
  15. Rush Hour 3, which is so bad it retroactively removes the first two movies in the series from this list. 
  16. A Rush of Blood To The Head - and we hate Coldplay. 

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