Monday, January 19, 2015

Cheatery and 3 Minute Drills

Thoughts on Division Championship Sunday
  1. In New England, "taking the air out of the ball" is no longer just a metaphor. If it is confirmed that the Patriots deliberately deflated game balls, that puts the league in an interesting position vis-a-vis who actually should be playing in the Super Bowl. (Word is the Pats will be penalized draft picks. Clearly, the penalty here is insufficient deterrent.) Alternately, it also puts certain members of the Patriots' support staff in imminent danger from individuals with the middle name "the" who wagered large amounts of money on Indy's ability to cover the spread.
  2. The most predictable thing in the world will be the response from the WEEI-loving trolls if the deflation story is confirmed: They will argue that A)the league has it in for the Patriots, B)so what, it was a 38 point beatdown anyway and C)c'mob, it's the Colts. More sophisticated Pats fans who don't listen to WEEI will say...the same thing, but in complete sentences.
  3. The Seahawks made an amazing comeback yesterday. However, let us not forget that A)the 3 brilliant minutes at the end of the game capped off 57 minutes of awful play and B)if Packers TE Brandon Bostick doesn't let the onside kick go through his hands, this thing ends 19-13 Green Bay.
  4. Also: If the Seahawks play like that again against a quarter back with two functioning legs, they're in trouble. Aaron Rogers was less mobile than Abe Vigoda yesterday and still got his team in position to win. A fully armed and operational Tom Brady is going to be a nightmare.
  5. Lost in all the insanity yesterday was the fact that the Broncos very quietly hired Gary "no, really, I'm happy in Baltimore" Kubiak to be their head coach. Kubiak was Denver GM John Elway's backup, back in the day. There is absolutely no doubt that he is Elway's Guy (though perhaps not to the point of thanking John Elway at every press conference). Peyton, ball's in your court. Just check to make sure there's enough air in it.
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