Tuesday, January 13, 2015

11 Deep Thoughts From the National Championship Game

A few thoughts and revelations from last night's first-ever "national championship" college football game:
  1. If Ohio State can win a national championship behind its third string QB, no coach in America will ever be allowed to use injuries as an excuse for a rough season ever again.
  2. What  the hell did Cardale Jones do wrong to be third string at OSU - not, traditionally, a hothouse of superior QB play? Alternately, if this guy was third string, does that mean that the two kids ahead of him were from Krypton?
  3. It does not matter than Ohio State won the national championship. A bitter core of TCU fans will go to their graves thinking they should have been in the "playoff" instead.
  4. Baylor fans, on the other hand, are just kind of relieved their team didn't get picked and potentially embarrassed. Getting pantsed by Michigan State in a bowl game no one actually watched is bad enough. 
  5. Ezekiel Elliot ran for nearly 700 yards over the last three games. These are not the stats of someone playing football. These are the stats that your 14 year old nephew puts up on you when you foolishly agree to play Madden with him to avoid talking to other family members over Christmas dinner.
  6. Seriously. You think Oregon maybe could have looked at the film and said "The guy who's averaging more than 200 yards per game, we might want to make him a priority"?
  7. There is no truth to the rumor that in response to the loss, Nike will force Oregon to unveil sixty-two new uniforms next season. It'll be thirty-six, tops.
  8. After last night's performance, there's suddenly a chance Marcus Mariota will indeed be available for Chip Kelly to draft for the Eagles after all. 
  9. Despite everything, college football writers will still spend the entire offseason trying to find new ways to justify the "Big 10 is terrible" meme. Because it's what they do.
  10. OSU coach Urban Meyer is apparently going to celebrate the win by getting a tattoo. Somewhere, Jim Tressel is thinking that's kind of tacky.
  11. Congratulations to OSU for winning. This may even take most of the sting out of losing to Dayton in the NCAAs this past spring. On second thought, nah. 

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