Friday, January 09, 2015

The Fix Is Enh

One of the most interesting memes in sports fandom is "the game is fixed". It also manifests as "the refs decide who wins", "the team with the most money always wins", and "Roger Goodell wanted the Cowboys to win". You saw it popping up ten seconds after the weirdly reversed pass interference call in the Cowboys-Lions game, just as you saw it popping up back in that Super Bowl a few years ago when some truly horripilating refereeing cost the Seahawks the game.

Wait. You don't remember that one?

Could have sworn it was a big deal at the time. Everyone was up in arms about it, except for Steelers fans.

It's almost like it's faded from memory.

So here's a test, Lions fans. If you truly believe the game is fixed, that the Lions had no chance because the NFL head office wanted Dallas to advance and there was ultimately no point in the Lions even playing the game, why are you still watching football? Are you hoping for the fix to swing your way? Are you just that masochistic? Or deep down, do you actually know it's not rigged by the head office and all those complaints are just hot air?

Take your pick. We'll see you next season.

(But if you really still want to complain, ask yourself why Mr. Suh was actually on the field. It goes both ways, it goes all ways, and it usually goes wrong.)
(Incidentally, if the Cowboys beat the Packers, it will probably be in large part due to the damage Mr. Suh inflicted on Aaron Rogers' delicate extremities by making like he was at a winemaking festival. So, irony.)
(Incidentally incidentally, let me know when the NFL runs out of admissions of other things they botched on that last Cowboys scoring drive. It's like Hanukkah in here, with every night revealing a new way the refs screwed up. But I digress.)

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