Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beast A La Mode

Not pictured: Matt Kemp, Marshawn Lynch
My fellow nerds, it is official. We have won.

It is the week before Super Bowl You-Can't-Read-Roman-Numerals-So-Why-Do-We-Bother. One of the most talked about athletes in the game is Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch, a bruising, massive runner. Lynch, when he gets going, is described as being in, and I quote, "Beast Mode".

By fans. By media. By pretty much everyone.

That's right - the week before the Super Bowl, the biggest celebration of the biggest, most macho sports league played by the biggest, scariest dudes around, and everyone's talking about Beast Mode.

Which is from a video game*. And video games, as we all know, are the domain of geeks, nerds, and basement dwellers everywhere, as well as noted Seahawks fan Joel McHale.

Time for us to drop the mic and walk off, except we'd probably hurt ourselves doing so. But then we'd have plenty of time to think up which football player's highlight reel goes with "Hadouken!**"

*Originally Sega's classic brawler Altered Beast. Which was also featured in the Chow Yun-Fat/Mira Sorvino thriller The Replacement Killers. It's in the arcade scene with Danny Trejo. Go on. Check it out. I'll wait.

**Yes, I know Matt Kemp was "Beast Mode" first. I was going to do a column about him first, but it sprained its adverbs and is out 2-4 weeks minimum.
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