Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Most Yankees Thing Ever

Kind of a chalky taste, really...
Over at Amanda Rykoff's Tumblr, she rips into the Yankees for their so-called "Craft Beer" station, which features nothing but small-label product put out by MillerCoors. So, for $12, you get the privilege of partaking of a cleverly disguised chunk of The High Life, or perhaps a stop on the Silver Bullet Train, while thinking you're actually getting something that's a little less....mass produced.
Mind you, I have zero sympathy for anyone who can't do the research and figure out these are all big brewery product. I do mind the Yankees claiming it's craft beer and then laying out the mass produced stuff under that rubric.
Then again, these are the Yankees, and showing off overpriced brand names at the ballpark is kind of what they do.
A Crispin's Cider and a Vernon Wells? Sounds perfectly refreshing to me.
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