Monday, January 01, 2007

A Happy New Year To All...

...and a list of ten things I hope to see in the sports world in 2007

1-Brett Favre figuring out that he's going to retire and announcing it sooner rather than later, allowing the Packers to plan for the future. As an added benefit, this will spare us the endless "will-he-or-won't-he" stories in the media, not to mention the slightly stomach-turning apologia for yet another easy pick from "gunslinger" Brett.

2-Fewer stories involving the words "athlete", "gun" and "shot". Last year gave us, among others, Tank Williams and Stephen Jackson. This year's already started horribly with the murder of Darrent Williams. All bloggery snideness aside, one can fervently hope for a year of less violence inside and outside of the world of sports

3-A team to come from outside of the preseason top 25 to take a place in the BCS championship game and blow the living hell out of (Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, Texas - pick one) to do so.

4-The Missouri Valley Conference to go perfect in opening round NCAA tournament play.

5-Mike Tyson to do something stupid without the sports media feeling compelled to give it front page coverage.

6-Roger Clemens to admit that yes, he is coming back because how can you say no to that dump truck full of money, and to do it early so that whichever team he signs with can plan and thus be more competitive. Also, being spared the endless "will-he-or-won't-he" stories, not to mention the agonizing homilies on how he's such a "gamer" when the special perks he negotiates would get any other player blasted for being a selfish git, would be a nice plus.

7-Bill Simmons to go an entire month without referencing "Swingers", "Hoosiers", "The Godfather" and "The ______ Face". Just

8-Andy Reid calling some running plays with Donovan McNabb on the field.

9-The results of a survey given to sportswriters to see A)how many of them have actually read "Moneyball", B)how many of them know who actually wrote it and C)if any of them have seriously considered writing any articles about the Oakland A's that did not involve the same pointless "Moneyball" reference.

10-Good games, just on general principle. Play ball!
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