Friday, January 05, 2007

Baseball Geekery

Video games are my job. Baseball is my favorite diversion. And so, when the two intersect - whether it be Curt Schilling and Doug Glanville violating the sacred edict of Don't Tell Me About Your Character, or Joel Zumaya tweaking his wing playing Guitar Hero during the LCS, then I end up in synchronicitous nirvana. Or, at the very least, with something I can talk about with both my baseball-loving friends and my video game-making coworkers.

Which is why I'm so deeply amused about today's double dip.

First of all, there's this, from Ken Arneson's always-entertaining Oakland A's blog Catfish Stew (at Baseball Toaster). What makes it even funnier, at least to me, is the fact that the A's are already in the heart of computer geek country, and will be going deeper with their new park. You really would think someone would have noticed...

Second, there's the announcement that Johnny Damon (Looks like Jesus, throws like Mary, acts like Judas, pwnz0red like a n00b) is the commissioner of this, a league pitting MLB players against gamers in video game combat. I offer this news, along with the fact that this is apparently the brainchild of Scott Boras, without comment.
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