Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Salisbury Steak Day, Children

I suppose Sean Salisbury's comment that Payton Manning "Jewed" the ball down the field makes sense, if you consider that Catholicism owns the vertical passing game by virtue of the Hail Mary.

Honestly, as a self-identified Red Sea Pedestrian, I don't much care one way or another about Salisbury's comment, though the fact that ESPN is trying to deny the whole thing by claiming there are no transcripts available is just plain comical. Try Google, Bristol.

On the other hand, if the rumors are true and Mr. Salisbury has in fact been showing cell phone pictures of his down'n'distance marker around, it's a far more serious workplace issue than anything that Harold "the hugger" Reynolds did at that Outback, and should have been dealt with appropriately.

All that being said, I don't quite understand the fascination Salisbury holds. He comes across as a freaked-out version of Kirk Herbstreit, constantly hostile and confrontational over the most inconsequential things. I keep on expecting him to try to dive through the cut-in screens to go for John Clayton's throat like Brock Samson with his mad on, a barely controlled, twitchy bully whose analysis seems to be limited to cliches.

Who knows. In the meantime, I look forward to Donovan McNabb trying to Zoroastrian the ball against the Giants next year, with maybe a bit of Mithraism thrown in to mix things up in the second half.
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