Friday, December 29, 2006

Nope, Not Him

Nose...itching...someone must be thinking about me...

Shortly after issuing a blistering rant about how certain Cowboys need to shut up and just play football, cornerback Terence Newman announced that he was not in fact talking about Terrell Owens (or so Owens says), the Cowboy doing A)the most talking and B)the least football. One can only presume that Newman was issuing a warning to:

A)Babe Laufenberg
B)Backup fullback Lousaka Polite
C)Ed "Too Tall" Jones, who hasn't recorded a single sack this season
D)Drew Bledsoe, whose clipboard-holding skillz are distinctly non-l33t
E)Left Tackle Sigmud Dortmunder, the Cowboy's 3rd round pick in 2056 out of Northwest Helsinki State

Clearly, none of those guys is helping the Cowboys win right now, and Newman is to be commended for taking the tough stand of calling out those who aren't pulling their weight. And no. Siggy, not having been conceived yet does not let you off the hook.
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