Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Endless Debate

Things that are more likely than anyone coming to a satisfactory resolution on the "where does Peyton Manning rank among quarterbacks all time?" sports talk radio debate:

  • The Eagles hold "Chip Kelly Appreciation Day"
  • Dusty Baker starts quoting sabermetrics
  • Keith Primeau gets cheers at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game
  • A Duke basketball player calmly accepts responsibility for committing a personal foul
  • Styx lets Dennis DeYoung back in the band
  • Vai Sikahema gets elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Pete Rose gets elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Barry Bonds gets elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Game of Thrones gets a happy ending
  • Freddy Galvis wins the Triple Crown - baseball or horse racing, it doesn't matter which
  • Stan Kroenke moves the Rams back to St. Louis
  • A New York sportswriter goes an entire baseball season without using the words "A-Rod" and "steroids" in the same article
  • LeBron James admits that maybe he's not quite as good at roster construction as he thought he was
  • The grass turns red, the skies turn green, and the oceans turn to yogurt

There is no answer. There will never be an answer, and the endless duck season-wabbit season nonsense of the "Manning!" "Brady!" types is only slightly less annoying than someone scraping a Rita Ora CD along a chalkboard.

Now, can we get back to useful debates? Like, I don't know, "Is Joe Flacco an elite QB?" Because I'm sure we can figure out that one.
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