Monday, March 14, 2016

So How Did We Do?

Yesterday, we made some predictions about the NCAA tournament bracket. Let's see how we did, accuracy-wise:

  • St. Mary's and Monmouth got jobbed out of berths, and Wichita State got tossed into a "First Four" game. Meanwhile, questionable major conference selections like Syracuse, Michigan (both of which we called out) and Vanderbilt got in.
  • UNC is playing its first two games in Raleigh. 
  • John Calipari is complaining vociferously about Kentucky's seed.
  • Sports On Earth's article on potential tournament upsets calls out Gonzaga and UNI as key possibilities.
  • Virginia and UNC both got 1 seeds because it didn't matter that one of them lost their tournament championship. Meanwhile, Villanova got bumped to a 2 for losing the Big East championship.
  • Bracketology is still nonsense. If it weren't the word "Tulsa" wouldn't have surprised anyone.

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