Friday, February 26, 2016

Dear baseball:

I write this to you from a place of love.


You need to hire some goddamned game designers.

Like, now.

  • Your rules for qualifying offers are broken in such a way that they minimize the desired result and maximize the undesirable ones (taking talent off the market or encouraging teams to gorge on free agents for ever-decreasing penalties).
  • Your rules for signing international players are broken, again encouraging binge signings or no activity at all.
  • Your rules on trading draft picks are nonsensical, and your assignment of money based on draft pick slot is an edge case disaster waiting to happen (ask the Astros about that one).
  • Oh, and the home run derby is borked. 
Now, there are roughly a gazillion actual game designers in the US and Canada, not to mention other baseball playing countries, that would love to help improve those systems so as to make the game better. Seriously. We're out here. Call us.

Or keep getting embarrassed by the Dexter Fowler shenanigans of the world. It's on you.

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