Sunday, February 07, 2016

On Watching Super Bowls 49 and 50

Normally at this time of year the blog would be chock full of content, with comparison-contrast pieces on the relative awfulness of Carolina's nickel back versus the karmic weirdness of Evan Mathis playing for a Super Bowl title after getting run out of Philly, or whatever. 


Last year, my dad and I watched the Super Bowl in pieces. Some of those pieces we saw on my iPad, some we saw on the TV in the waiting room (thankfully, with the sound off) of the emergency room at Duke Raleigh Hospital, as my mom had gone in earlier in the day. As you might expect, one could not order wings in that context. Cheering? Not really appropriate. A beer? Definitely not (though God knows, all of us there could have used one). 

This year, well, Mom's gone. I'm taking Dad - and my nephew and my brother-in-law - out tonight to watch the game, someplace loud and crazy where you can get a beer and wings and watch the game on a million televisions at once, and we're going to have a great time together.  I am looking forward to it in a way I rarely look forward to viewing the Super Bowl - let's just say I've ended up watching the Super Bowl in some weird places over the years - even though I really don't have a rooting interest. 

But I'll still be thinking about how we watched it last year. And that much more thankful for what we have this year.
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