Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tulo Can You Go

This is not a news story:

"Troy Tulowitzki set to talk with his agent about whether or not to demand a trade".

Now, there are roughly two people who should know if Troy Tulowitzki, oft-injured Rockies shortstop, is going to have a private discussion with his agent over whether or not he should ask for a trade. Those are, in order, Troy Tulowitzki, and Troy Tulowitzki's agent. Nobody is tapping Troy Tulowitzki's phone and reporting on what they've overheard. The NSA is not releasing Troy Tulowitzki-related texts in the name of national security. ESPN has not assigned Pedro Gomez (who has never denied taking steroids) to the Troy Tulowitzki May Have Lunch With His Agent beat. 

So this story came from Troy Tulowitzki, or Troy Tulowitzki's agent. In that case, it's a transparent attempt to create buzz, and thus leverage. It is not "news". It is an announcement that maybe at some point news is coming maybe possibly, and everyone who reported it should feel bad about themselves.
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