Sunday, May 31, 2015

Your NBA Playoff Narratives

There are two possible outcomes of the NBA playoffs:

1-The Cleveland Cavaliers win the championship.

2-The Cleveland Cavaliers do not with the championship.

If 1, there will be 2 narratives in the coverage:

1-LeBron willed the team to victory.
2-They won because LeBron overruled coach David Blatt.

If 2, then there will be 2 narratives in the coverage:

1-LeBron failed and he should have stayed in Miami.
2-The loss can be laid entirely at the feet of coach David Blatt.

It does not matter who came out of the West. It does not matter how they get there. What they accomplish is ultimately irrelevant. Indeed, we could have just skipped the entire season - all the "ZOMG the Sixers are ending civilization" hot takes and the "Why does nobody want to play with Kobe?" think pieces and the Buzzfeedy "They let Quincy Acy on the court - you'll never guess what happened next!" never needed to be written.

It's LeBron's world, and the rest of us - even Steph Curry - are just living in it.

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